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Serving the Children of the World

Corporate Memberships - Kiwanis Club of Portland

What is a corporate membership?

A corporate membership allows a company to hold a member position, appointing a specific employee as the “member”. If the employee changes jobs or is transferred to a new location, a new employee can be designated to take the place of the previous member without being charged a new member fee by the organization. The employer often chooses to pay the dues on behalf of the employee, but this is not required.

What are the benefits of membership?

Membership in Kiwanis can provide exceptional opportunities for professional development, including training in teamwork and leadership skills. While the community is improved by the donation of the employee’s time and talent, the company sees rewards through service as well.

Why should your business consider a corporate membership?

Companies today face a host of challenges: boosting earnings in a tough economy, restoring the public’s trust in business and dealing with unprecedented competition for sales revenue and qualified staff. One quality that will separate good companies from great ones in the years ahead is corporate responsibility through community citizenship. Activities that demonstrate a real commitment to the community impact the perceptions of not only a firm’s customers, but also its employees. Recent studies have shown that long-lasting community involvement provides a greater benefit to a company’s social reputation than traditional philanthropy. This is a reflection of the basic sentiment that people need help solving their problems, not just money.

The Kiwanis Club of Portland  offers many opportunities for you and your employees to serve in our community.
We volunteer with programs that help children and families throughout the Portland area, and we support regional and worldwide efforts on behalf of Kiwanis International.
Consider joining us in “changing the world, one child and one community at a time” and discover how